Diet with activated charcoal

Diet with activated charcoal: Reviews and results

A diet for activated charcoal is intended for those who, due to various circumstances and reasons, cannot radically restrict themselves to eating, but want to lose weight significantly. Charcoal has to adsorb properties The essence of this diet is that a person takes a certain amount of activated charcoal tablets in accordance with various schemes […]

Activated charcoal mask

Activated charcoal mask for cleaning pores

The variety of face masks enables women to cope with the most difficult skin problems at home. So, for example, the use of mask-films allows you to perfectly clean the skin, opening the pores on the face. At the same time, the effectiveness of using such masks is no worse than the cleaning procedures in […]

What causes blackheads

The causes of the appearance of blackheads on the face

From what appear blackheads on the face – a question to which you can give a variety of answers? Under the influence of external adverse factors, as well as systemic disorders in the body, changes occur that always affect the skin condition. Most often, the points appear in the T-zone: on the nose and in […]

activated carbon mask

The activated carbon mask

It may seem counterintuitive to use charcoal to purify the skin, but activated charcoal is one of the most fashionable methods in beauty treatments designed to take care of the skin and leave it clean, firm and smooth. Among the properties of activated carbon is its absorption capacity. This absorption capacity, based on an electrical-type […]

Carbon masks benefits

Carbon masks: Benefits for your skin

Peel-off charcoal masks have marked a trend over the last few months in the beauty industry, as this dark-colored substance helps combat impurities, toxins, and facial pimples. When it comes to facial care, it is very important to know the benefits of the wide variety of products that we can get in the market. Here […]

Winter Weather Beauty Treatments

5 Great Winter Weather Beauty Treatments

There’s no denying that when the warm winds of summer transition to the cool breezes of fall and then the chilly gales of winter, your skin is going to feel the effects, and not in a good way. Your hands and face will likely get the worst of it through exposure to the coldest temperatures, […]

dry skin different from dehydrated skin

Dry Skin: Causes and Treatment to Take Care of It

How is dry skin different from dehydrated skin? How to treat it? Often we tend to confuse dry skin with dehydrated skin, or rather, we tend to believe that they are the same pathology, and we are very wrong. The dry skin develops when the barrier function of the skin cannot be carried out effectively […]