Today we will talk with you about caring for combination skin. Skin combined type was named for combining the properties inherent in oily and dry skin at the same time. Probably, many people know this. More information about this type of facial skin you can read in the article Types of facial skin Fatness of the T-zone is combined with the dryness of the remaining parts of the face, there is also a tendency to pimples on fatty areas. Therefore, the care for such a skin should be complex, aimed at solving many problems simultaneously.

The choice of home-made masks for combination skin is extensive, and they all take into account its characteristics. Natural home masks are usually much more effective, safer and more economical than purchasing cosmetics. Using them competently and in strict accordance with the prescriptions, you can achieve visible positive changes. Reading more

It is very important to always test before using masks. Suddenly you have an allergy? How to conduct such a test? On the wrist or on the elbow for 10 minutes, apply a mask, wash off and carefully look at the skin. If everything is in order, then you can apply everything to the face.

Combination Skin

What problems do we solve, I use home face masks for combination skin?

  • We get rid of the greasy sheen in the T-zone.
  • We get rid of the black spots on the face.
  • Moisturize dry places.
  • We get rid of redness, scaling, rashes.

Basic care for combination skin. Home masks for combination skin.

A lot of useful substances necessary for the skin contain forest berries. Therefore, to recharge the skin at least once a week as a mask, it is recommended to use strawberry and raspberry puree (can be replaced with juice). A puree is diluted with milk, then impregnated with gauze in it and applied to a cleansed face. Those who are allergic to strawberries, you can use a mask of apple puree and honey, cooked in a similar way.

As a basic care, a very simple mask of yolk and any vegetable oil is suitable. It is applied in stages: first dry areas of the skin are lubricated with oil, then the top is applied whipped yolk. As the layer dries up, one more must be applied on top, and so on up to three times. For a refreshing effect in the composition, you can pour a couple of drops of aloe juice. The mask is washed off after 10 minutes.

Tone alignment and whitening

One of the most popular problems in women with combination skin is an uneven complexion, due to the fact that different skin areas have different types. The cheeks and wings of the nose can be painfully red, while the forehead and chin remain light. The general picture can spoil and undesirable pigmentation.

The best way to achieve a smooth complexion with a combination skin is a yeast mask. One st. A spoonful of yeast is diluted with warm milk until thick. In a milk-yeast mixture, one raw egg, a spoon with a slice of wheat, oatmeal or rice flour, as well as a little olive oil, interfere. Kashitsa superimposed a thick layer after thorough mixing, left for 17-20 minutes.

Cleansing mask for combination skin. Mask for skin with acne

Acne (pimples and rashes) is a serious problem requiring medical measures. And the mask, in this case, should be used with caution, after consulting a dermatologist. One of the most popular and safe masks for combination skin with acne is based on low-fat yogurt. The required amount of ingredient is 1 tablespoon. To it is necessary to add a tablespoon of dry yeast and very little soda. The mask is held on the face for 20 minutes, after applying a low-fat cream. The procedure helps reduce inflammation and effectively cleanse the problem skin.

Anti-aging mask for combination skin

This mask with a pleasant aroma will help not only to effectively solve the problems of the combined skin but will also promote rejuvenation. The main ingredient is a tablespoon of coconut milk, which you need to take fresh, straight from the walnut. Add to it a teaspoon of honey and oat flour. The coconut mask should be washed off after 15-20 minutes. Coconut actively manifests regenerating and toning properties.

Of course, coconut is not often we have. If you want to cook something simpler, then here is one simple mask. Simple in its components, but very effective. Yogurt, white clay, and lavender oil.

Lotion and tonic for combination skin. Cleansing the skin.

It is not superfluous to prepare a lotion and tonic for daily cleansing, preparing the skin for applying a cream, make-up, or to remove makeup before bed. The lotion is made from the ordinary culinary bay leaf. Leaves in the amount of 4-5 pieces should be filled with a glass of boiling water and left for a couple of hours. This remedies admirably maturate skin, eliminating gloss. It is recommended to use only on fatty skin areas.

Tonic for combination skin is made from grapefruit peel. The rind is put in enameled dishes and poured about half a glass of cold water. Then it needs to be crushed with a knife in the water and left in this form for a couple of days. This tonic is perfect for evening and morning cleansers.

Universal mask of chocolate for combination and oily skin Lemon, chamomile, chocolate, and clay. Simple, accessible and effective.

Our results after the application of nutritional masks at home.

Using the whole “arsenal” of these folk recipes, created specifically for the skin of a combined type, you can reduce the number of problems and completely get rid of them. Dry areas will be moistened, fatty, on the contrary, get rid of surplus sebum. Skin prone to pimples and acne will be easier to clean and soothe. Additional bonuses in the form of rejuvenation, whitening, increasing the tone of the skin – another argument in favor of face masks for home cooking.