Skin allergy a disease that complicates the lives of many people. How do skin allergies look like: can it be treated with traditional and folk methods? What are the main symptoms of one of the most common diseases of the 21st century, and can it be prevented?

All this we will tell in order of priority.

The concept, causes and main symptoms of the skin allergies disease

Symptoms of skin allergies

Allergic reaction of the body is manifested with increased sensitivity to a certain reagent (when it enters the respiratory system, digestion, with tactile contact, etc.).

Individual types of allergens can be synthesized within the body – for example, as a consequence of irradiation or progressive arthritis.

Do you know that an allergic reaction exists in several forms, and it can be found in 85% of the planet’s inhabitants? Eruptions and irritations of the skin or dermatitis occur in almost half the cases. Keep reading

Their appearance does not depend on the age and sex of patients. Common causes of dermatitis include:

  • Eating certain foods (legumes, fruits, and vegetables of red color, honey, whole milk and products with lactose, smoked products, etc.);
  • Direct contact of the skin of hands with aggressive household chemicals;
  • Use of specific varieties of medicinal and decorative cosmetics;
  • Taking medicines, which include allergens (antibiotics, etc.);
  • Strong stresses, nervous breakdowns;
  • Bite of some insects;
  • Supercooling, prolonged cold exposure to open areas of the body;
  • Spraying sprays and aerosols (hairspray, etc.).

Skin allergy is often called urticaria, as small red spots appear on the surface of the dermis, similar to the “bite” of the leaves of the nettle. In addition to hyperemia, the characteristic symptoms of the disease also include:

  • The appearance of itching of varying degrees of severity (from weak to strong);
  • Peeling and dryness of affected skin;
  • The formation of blisters on the spot of redness;
  • Local swelling, swelling of the skin.

Do you know that there is even an allergy to the sun? To be more precise, it is sunny herpes or skin irritation with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, often aggravated by unsuitable sunscreens and deodorants containing alcohol.

The symptomatology of the disease is the same as with other types of skin allergy (itching and hyperemia, the formation of blisters and edema).

How to completely get rid of allergies, scientists have not yet figured out. Conservative medicine does everything to alleviate the patient’s condition, and for this:

  • Find out the cause of irritation and conduct isolation of the patient from the allergen;
  • Prescribe various drugs to eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

If you do not treat skin allergies in time, eventually it becomes eczema, neurodermatitis or atopic dermatitis. It is impossible to leave such diseases without due attention, as they pose a serious threat to human health and life.

Recommendations of classical medicine

In conservative medicine, it is customary to combat the manifestations of an allergic reaction to the skin of the body by various external means. Ointments will help alleviate the intolerable itching, ease your health.

If the skin hyperemia is small in size, it is weakly expressed, and the itching does not disturb much, the place of redness is smeared with prednisolone or hydrocortisone (hormonal preparations). With a mild itching, which does not last long, they assign a cynacoort, etc. With severe allergy, use ecol, apulein, etc.

Additionally prescribed antihistamines for oral administration. These can be tablets ( loratadine , suprastin ), syrups or injections.

First aid for skin allergy is as follows:

  • If possible, isolate the allergen;
  • Rinse affected areas with clean, slightly warm or cool water, and then apply ice to reduce swelling;
  • With an insect bite, a thorough examination of the wound is carried out, the remains of the sting are extracted and the skin is disinfected.

For the prevention of skin allergy, I use the method of hyposensibilization. Its essence lies in the fact that for a long time, allergens are introduced into the body in minimal doses, causing a negative reaction, with an interval of several days. Dosage with time increases by increasing.

Thus, immunity is “spurred on”, he gradually learns to develop a protective reaction mechanism, and when direct contact with an allergen, unpleasant symptoms are minimized.

The procedure showed quite good results, but in some patients, after a while, negative side effects (disruptions in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, etc.) are observed.

The advice of folk medicine

Symptoms of skin allergies

Folk healers know a lot of ways to cure allergic itching. Unlike hormonal drugs with an extensive list of contraindications and side effects, home remedies are much safer for health.

So, what can you do with hives?

The first aid will be potato tubers or fresh apples, ground with a greater or a blender. The fruit cut in half is applied with a cut to the affected skin or squeezed the juice, and then moistened with gauze in it and applied to the itching places in the form of a compress.

Children often have an allergic reaction to the skin when consuming a large number of sweets (diathesis) or chicken eggs.

A good medicine that helps to soothe the itch is a bath with the addition of decoction or laurel leaf broth. After taking the bath, the skin is dried with a towel, and then a thin layer of zinc ointment is applied to the affected areas of the skin. Ointment stimulates the healing and regeneration of the skin.

Adults with skin allergies as external agents are advised to use:

  • Brine pickled cabbage;
  • Freshly squeezed celery juice.

Strengthen immunity is capable of a weak infusion of alternatives, used in place of ordinary drinks. However, it will have to be drunk regularly for 1-2 years.

In the case of neglected allergies, a good effect is exerted by infusion of herbs. It is applied externally to the reddened skin 2-3 times a day.

Eruptions on the face, characteristic for food and cold allergies, are treated with decoctions of chamomile, horsetail, and dandelion. Infusions are used for washing or compresses.

There is an unusual, but a very effective prescription for the treatment of allergies to the skin of the face and body of adults and children. For him, it will be necessary to assemble the shell from domestic chicken eggs. The shell is thoroughly washed, removing the thin whitish film, and then dried on a towel or paper. The dry shell is ground in a coffee grinder to a powdery state.

Since the shell contains a lot of calcium, for its assimilation to the powder immediately before taking 5-6 drops of lemon juice. The optimal dose for small children is a pinch on the tip of the knife.

For adults, the daily dose is 1 tsp, which can be divided into several doses. The duration of such treatment is from 30 to 90 days.

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