Surely you already have a skin routine: cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturizer. That’s fine, but what about the serum? No doubt the serum is one of the great unknown in the care routines, we think that the serum is not necessary for all ages, and only mature skin needs it, but none of that! You’re still in time to add it to your routine. Do not miss this post and know everything it offers you!

What is the serum?

The serum is an indispensable supplement for skin care. You can find all kinds of serums, all of them have a lighter texture than the rest of hydration products, so do not worry because it is designed to be applied before the moisturizer, you will not feel your skin overloaded! In addition, its formula is usually fast absorbed so that it penetrates quickly into the skin and reaches the deeper layers.

What do you need a serum for?

And you will ask if I already apply moisturizer so I need to also put a serum?

This great ally prepares your skin for the next and last step of your routine: the moisturizer. Remember! As in any skin care routine, start with the cleaning, then continue with the sunscreen, apply the serum and finish with the moisturizer.

The serum provides innumerable extra benefits such as luminosity, uniformity in skin tone, firmness … Necessities that the skin begins to have from the age of 30 when you have to start applying products that minimize the first signs of aging.  Some skins need it before, for example, skins needing hydration, with spots or granites.

A single serum is enough?

single serum is enough

To choose the perfect serum, first, you have to ask yourself this question: what does your skin need? What benefits are you looking for?

Serum treats specific skin problems, so you should have one for every need of your skin.

Firmness and elasticity

Do you need a smoother and firmer skin? Then you need a serum rich in antioxidants, and that is formulated with ingredients that increase and improve the production of collagen. If this is your case, you can start applying at night a serum with vitamin C, one of the most desired ingredients for the skin. Still, do not know their benefits? Discover the benefits of Vitamin C on your skin in this article!

Luminosity and uniform tone

It happens to everyone: with age and exposure to the environment, the skin begins to look dull and stained. If you are looking for a skin with a uniform and radiant tone, try a serum that provides luminosity and minimizes stains. Ingredients such as bean extract, for example, will help you significantly improve the luminosity of your skin and fight against the appearance of dark spots.

If this point, the luminosity, and tone, is your main concern, do not miss these tips to fight against stains.

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Anti-aging benefits

A single serum is enough

The passage of time is inevitable, so if your skin does not need any of the above benefits … this you cannot skip! Pay attention: if you want to reduce wrinkles and deep lines of expression, you need a serum with a powerful anti-aging complex to treat these treat advanced signs of age.

Finish with the granites

Some skins, regardless of age, suffer from acne, do not worry! Women of all ages suffer from persistent acne.

In this case, adding a specific serum will help you complete your treatment. Find a serum that helps clean and dry the pimples and prevent them from appearing again.

How to include the serum in your routine?

As the basic products of skin care routine, serums should be applied daily (morning and night) to notice results.

You can use a single serum or combine several serums if you need different benefits for your skin. You can even include booster products or enhancers such as Vitamin C Activating Plates, with additional benefits that enhance what your serum gives you.

When applying the serum it is very important to start with a clean face. Apply it with upward and outward movements. Once the skin has absorbed, apply sunscreen and moisturizer if it is in the morning. If it is night, then use only the moisturizer.

With all this information you no longer have an excuse to have beautiful and healthy skin. Go a step further in your beauty ritual!

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